Valentines Day

10 Cute Dogs Saying ‘I Love You’
There are few things we love more than dogs. Think about it-- they look awfully cute in tutus, sport hoodies like champs and even pull off the whole eyebrow look with ease. Our love for dogs is so strong, in fact, that it's sort of like Honey Boo Boo's passion for Go Go Juice and…
Survey Asks What’s The Most Important Quality In A Relationship
Valentine's Day is tomorrow and people everywhere are trying to get the right gift, card, dinner reservation or whatever. This is also a time for
people to take stock of their relationship and the folks at TouchTunes released their third annual Valentine's Day love survey and the results ha…
How Long Would You Kiss?
David Greedy, Getty Images
Seven couples in Thailand have broken the world record for the longest kiss.
In a Valentine’s Day promotion, a resort town is currently holding a longest kiss contest, in which couples lips need to remain locked continuously.
Seven of the 14 couples entered have now broken th…
Country Music’s Most Loving Couples
It's just a little over a week until Valentines Day. So, in the spirit of love, I found a list of country music's super couples! Go to to feel the country love! :-)