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Texting And Driving: Stop It Already
Texting and driving has been illegal in Indiana since July 1, 2011, yet so many people are STILL doing it and are simply ignoring the warnings about the dangers because everyone just thinks it will not happen to them.
Drivers Think Texting And Driving Is Dangerous – But Do It Anyway
Texting and driving is dangerous, on that we all agree. Recent statistics tell us that texting and driving is as dangerous as drunk driving yet, we still do it and in big numbers. Tripe A recently conducted a survey and found out that 95-percent of all drivers agree that texting and driving is dange…
Why You Can’t Text And Drive
Note: Graphic language. Last week, blogger Sean Symons captured horrifying footage of a teen driver who crashed into the side of the road, then hit two oncoming cars, all while he was allegedly texting and driving.
According to his YouTube page, Symons called the police when he spotted the texting te…