You Find $1800 Sticking Out Of An ATM….What Would You Do? [Poll]
We live in challenging economic times and trying to make ends meet is very difficult for a lot of us right now. Sometimes buying groceries for your family or paying the electric bill in the dead of winter can be very difficult and people are sometimes motivated to do what they can or what they feel …
Should Wearing Saggy Pants In Public Be Banned? [Poll]
We have all seen it, that one guy who wears his pants so low, three-quarters of his underwear is in plain view. Some of these people wear their pants SO low that if it were not for their underwear, we would see a lot more of them than we would want or even need to see. Some say it's offensive and sh…
Vote For The Ring Girls!
It's now time for you to cast your vote as to who you think should be a Ring Girl at this year's Guns & Hoses. Check out all of the pictures at the gallery and then cast your vote!