Peyton Manning

Breaking News – Peyton Manning Is A Denver Bronco!
According to several sources, Peyton Manning has chosen the 'mile high city' to be his new home with the Denver Broncos. Various media outlets are reporting a deal between Manning and the Broncos where Hall of Fame QB John Elway is in charge of football operations.
Peyton Vs Eli: Which Is The Better Quarterback?
Ok, Colts fans, now that Eli Manning has a  second Super Bowl victory — AND a second Super Bowl MVP title — it’s time to compare the New York Giants quarterback with  his older brother, 11-time Pro Bowler and four-time regular season MVP, Peyton Manning.
When The Super Bowl Meets Music It’s Not Pretty
Sometimes when someone is a good singer, people ask them if they'd like to be an actor.  That doesn't always spell box office gold.  Even less often, does success in music come following success in sports.  I don't know why anyone would even assume a star quarterback co…

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