Watch How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener or Any Other Tool
Have you ever been camping or enjoying the great outdoors and realized you have no way to open all of the canned food items you brought to eat? Also, a lot of people are making their preparations for the Zombie Apocalypse and canned foods will be a big part of your survival kit, but without a can op…
Guy Invents a Device That Will Open the Door with a Dog’s Bark
This video is awesome! How many times has the dog wanted to go out and the last thing you want to do is get up to let him out? Well, those days are gone forever if this invention hits the open market. What if you're not there or somewhat indisposed and just can't get to the door, but the d…
The First Book-Less Library to Open This Autumn In San Antonio
At first glance, you might think the above title is misleading - it's not. This Fall, Biblio Tech is set to open in San Antonio and will be one of the first digital only libraries to be completely book-less. We knew this day would probably come but now that it's here, it's kinda scary to think of a …
Should McDonald’s Stay Open on Christmas Day?
Like many businesses, McDonald's for the most part stays closed on Christmas Day. Some restaurants will open Christmas, like Denny's for example, who will open at 8 am at their Tri-State locations.
It was reported today, however, that McDonald's USA COO Jim Johannesen is encouraging fr…
How Many Ways Can You Open A Beer Bottle? [Video]
Memorial Day weekend kicked off the summer season and that means boating, BBQs, family picnics or any other outdoor activity. How many times have you been out in the wilderness only to discover the beer bottles are NOT twist off and you do NOT have a bottle opener?
American Red Cross Opens Shelter In Newburgh
The American Red Cross has opened a shelter in Newburgh at the American Legion at Highway 261 and Sharon Road . This is also a location where photos / belongings can be dropped off if you are in the area and find something that may have blown away in the storm.