Olympic Beach Volleyball Sand Will Not Stick to Your Body
Last night Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings won their third consecutive Beach Volleyball Gold Medal in grand style. If you have been watching the beach volleyball competition throughout these Olympic games, have you noticed that the sand never seems to stick to the player's body and w…
A Twist On Olympic Drinking Games
My favorite part of the Olympics really has nothing to do with athleticism. It's all about the drinking games:) My favorite is when you take a shot every time Andrea Mitchell asks a stupid question during an interview ( you can get pretty messed up during that one.)
UFO Over Olympic Opening Ceremony Looks Like a Flying Saucer [Video]
The opening ceremonies for the London Olympics on Friday were interesting and some parts were even very strange...what was up the giant baby formation? The pyrotechnics at the end were spectacular, but if you were paying attention, you saw something in the sky in the upper left portion of your …