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Great News – New Study Says Beer Is Actually Good For The Brain
Beer lovers rejoice!!! A new study suggests that drinking beer has a positive impact on the brain and actually improves your cognitive thinking.....I knew it!! All of this wonderful news is the result of what scientists have found out about Flavonoids, which are compounds found in plants.
New Study Says Teens Need More Sleep and School Should Start Later
Teens and sleep...if you have teenagers and it seems like they sleep the day away, the reason is simple.....they need it. The American Academy of Pediatrics just released a new study that says older students, those in high school, are not getting enough sleep and that school should start later for t…
Happy Wife, Happy Life, Right? Wrong According To New Study
This is awesome...we've all heard the expression 'happy wife, happy life'. That notion was once the topic in a country song by Tracy Byrd, 'When Mama Ain't Happy (Ain't Nobody Happy)' back in 1998. Men have lived on this premise for centuries, but according to a ne…
Passing Gas Can Help Lower Blood Pressure Says New Study
This is great news for fans of the ever popular 'pull my finger' game. Next time somebody gets mad at you for flatulating in their presence, tell them your are just simply lowering your blood pressure. According to a new study, the same gas that produces flatulence has been shown…
Babies Fed On Demand Do Better In School And Have Higher IQs
There has been a debate raging for years when it comes to raising babies...whether to feed on demand or schedule baby's feeding times. Parents who feed when baby is hungry will tell you that not doing so would be depriving baby of food. Parents who work on a schedule for feedings will tell you&…
Tired Of Jogging? – Try Eating Dark Chocolate
Eating dark chocolate can boost muscles in a way similar to running on a treadmill at the gym according to a new study. Researchers have identified a cocoa ingredient, 'epicatechin', that boosts fitness in the same way jogging does.
New Study – Wasting Time Online Makes Workers More Productive
It has happened to you many times in the office; you are doing a little net surfing when your boss walks by and you quickly hit alt+tabbing back to your worksheet. As it turns out, a new study suggests that killing a little time on the internet might actually make you more productive.

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