Ten Exercise Machines To Stay Away From
A little over a year ago, I began a workout routine at the downtown YMCA that has helped me tremendously in toning, shaping and general conditioning. Wouldn't you know it, I am into this routine, seeing results and BAM!!! out comes a report that says certain machines don't do what they sho…
Extreme Couponing Frustrating Manufacturers And Retailers
Today's eceonomy is forcing just about everyone to save money where they can  and pay closer attention to bargains. One of the ways people are trying to save money is with coupons and thanks to the TLC show "Extreme Couponing", people are using coupons more than ever and …
Rhinestone Cowboy Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s
Country legend Glen Campbell recently told 'People' magazine that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. The 76-year-old Country Music Hall of Famer has a new studio album, 'Ghost On The Canvas' coming out on August 30th and plans to do a farewell tour.
CMT Awards Featured A Fall And A Bieber
The CMT awards for 2011 are now in the books and the stars came out last night in droves on the eve of the CMA Music Fest to take part. There were some very interesting moments last night including Shania Twain taking a tumble on the red carpet.
Earning Six Figures Without A Degree Is Possible
If you have been to a gas station recently you completely understand how expensive it is  just to survive anymore. Making six figures is impossible without a degree, right? can in fact make $100,00-plus per year, but you will have to work hard and be patient for your opportuni…