miranda lambert

Blake And Miranda Find It Harder And Harder To Blend In
Anytime you have two celebrities dating — or married,  it’s only a matter of time before that couple realizes they have very little privacy. While Miranda Lambert and  Blake Shelton have been well known for a couple of years now, Miranda admits that her…
Caption This Photo – Lady Gaga And Miranda Lambert
The Grammy Awards always bring together an eclectic mix of characters together in one place.  This is apparent in the seating arrangement from last night's broadcast as the always dramatically dressed Lady Gaga sat next to Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton.
Blake And Miranda Will Perform Duet During Superbowl Pre Game
If you Colts fans need a reason to tune into the Super Bowl, it was just announced that country music’s hottest couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert will be opening up the big game with a duet performance, making the game of the year even more worthwhile for country music fa…

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