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Baby Boy’s Lost Hit – Michelle Wright
In Toby Keith's latest single "Made In America" Toby describes the pride that is established when items are made in America. Great things  have been  made outside of America as well... Lets take Canada for example;  We can thank the Canadians for the pacemaker, …
Eric’s Lost Hit – Josh Turner
Josh Turner, the headliner of Taste of Country, September 10th and Ellis Park, has a knack for putting out hits and keeping them on the radio.  Only a couple of his hits have slipped away from regular rotation.
Eric’s Lost Hit – Doug Stone
I can't think of a song that was played more often in the days shortly after I was converted to country music in the early 90's.  Doug Stone's voice was a big part of my days listening to WAMZ and WHKW in Louisville.  And few folks knew how to sing a love song like Doug...or…
Eric’s Lost Hit – Kenny Chesney
We go back in time once again for another lost hit.  With this morning's announcement that Kenny Chesney is coming to Roberts Stadium one more time on August 7th, I decided to go back and get a hit that was lost, not once, but twice from Kenny.
Eric’s Lost Hit – Sawyer Brown
Ever since I locked in my Top 20 Father's Day Songs, I've thought of more that I would have loved to put on the list.  As sad a song, as it is, I had to put this one on the list.  I've always loved Sawyer Brown, and this is one of their best that somehow we've lost over…
Eric’s Lost Hit – Dwight Yoakam
Sometimes I get my "Lost Hit" inspiration from a listener.  This one came from today's Dashboard DJ, Karen Beasley from Henderson.  She requested Dwight Yoakam and "A Thousand Miles From Nowhere."
Eric’s Lost Hit – Brad Paisley
Brad Paisley has had hit after hit, but do you remember the first single he had out?  Here's the one that got it all started.
Enter here to see and meet Brad Paisley in West Palm Beach
Eric’s Lost Hit – Sammy Kershaw
I meant to post this one a couple weeks ago while all the water was still up.  Still good advice though from Sammy Kershaw and a song we haven't heard in quite a while.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!  P.S. Sammy, what is that thing on your shoulder?
Eric’s Lost Hit – Rodney Atkins
I remember getting into radio, and hearing about Rodney Atkins.  He put out quite a few songs before getting a big hit.  But one of the first songs that I played on the radio at my first station in 2003 was "Honesty (Write Me A List)."

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