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Leslie’s Most Memorable Moment as a Radio Personality
I was asked a couple of years ago to visit the Mesker Park Zoo to video tape a few segments for our website. Going to the zoo is one of my favorite things! When they asked me to monkey around with the monkeys and play around with the goats, I was THRILLED! But when they told me I would be feeding an…
10 of the Strangest Pet Names in the Tri-State
My 'JON AND LESLIE WANT TO KNOW...' for today was all about your pets. I expected you would tell me what pets you have, maybe stories about how mush you love them AND I was even hoping you would night even tell me their names. And you did just what I expected - what I didn't expect wa…
Monday Morning Eye Candy – Colin Wayne
You are probably asking yourself, who is Colin Wayne? I didn't know either until I came across a few pictures of this smoking hot, sweet, ex-military, fitness model. And now I have to share him with YOU!
Best Super Bowl Ads Ever [VIDEOS]
The only part I enjoy about the Super Bowl, aside from the football pants, are the ads. Although completely overpriced, ( $3 million for 30 sec.) they are the most hilarious and creative ads we see all year. USA Today recently announced the 25 best Super Bowl ads of the past 24 years - I comple…
Hot Firefighters – Monday Morning Eye Candy
I know you have heard me talk about how much I like Firemen. I mean, what woman doesn't? I don't know if it's the fire, muscles or the hose, but they are HOT! (Pardon the pun! lol) So, here is your Monday Morning Eye Candy! And by the way, you're VERY welcome! ;-)
Watch The Seasons Change In A Minute [VIDEO]
After living in Florida for a year, I really began to appreiciate the changing of the seasons. Growing up in the Midwest, I expect to play in the snow in the winter, watch football -sitting on bleachers  while drinking hot chocolate while wrapped in a blanket in the fall, smell the flowers blooming …

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