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Jimmy Kimmel Hooks Kid Up To Fake Lie Detector [Video]
Jimmy Kimmel is a master at using kids for some of his best comedy. His videos about bad Christmas gifts and parents eating their kid's Halloween candy all went viral. Kimmel has done it again by attaching a fake lie detector to kids and asking some random questions the result of which is hyste…
Parents Give Kids Terrible Presents – Jimmy Kimmel Prank [Video]
Back around Halloween, we posted a video that involved Jimmy Kimmel asking parents to film themselves telling their kids they ate all of their Halloween candy and that video was hilarious. Kimmel struck again by asking parents to give their kids terrible early Christmas gifts and tape their kid…
William Shatner Offers HelpTo The Unfriended [Video]
A couple of weeks ago Jimmy Kimmel did his annual 'unfriend' day and it was pretty successful. Some people, maybe you, might have had a hard time unfriending someone and the person who was unfriended probably didn't take too kindly to that.