New Invention Allows You to Order a Pizza Simply By Pushing a Button
How many times have you been sitting at home watching your favorite show and wishing you could just push a button and have a fresh, hot pizza show up on your doorstep? Ordering a pizza is easy enough as it is, but a new invention makes it even easier, which gives us all yet one more reason to never …
Indiana Man Invents ‘Quick Escape’ to Save Lives
It was the tragedy of the attacks of 9/11 that inspired an Indiana resident to invent a contraption that he hopes will save lives.
Tony Smith says he was sitting in his home in Montgomery County watching the disaster unfold at the Twin Towers in New York City.
New Invention Makes The Bathroom A Luxury
The next time you take a trip to the john, think about how nice it'd be to own Numi, a brand-new toilet with every possible amenity you'd ever need.
Plumbing company Kohler invented the sophisticated, high-tech toilet and it's definitely a porcelain throne fit for royalty.