Hooters Girl Chelsea’s Big Proposal At MMA Show [VIDEO]
Every Wednesday we have our Wing Winning Wednesday contest with Hooters, with your chance to win a football party!  One girl has been with us every week, and that is Chelsea.  I learned a very interesting tidbit about her recently, and have video proof of this big moment in her life.
Win Kenny Chesney Tickets At Hooters
This Saturday, August 6th,  you will have a chance to win one of 3 pairs of Kenny Chesney tickets and one pair of Sandbar passes at Hooters on Lincoln Ave. just west of Green River Road from 6-8pm. WKDQ's midday personality 'Baby Boy' will be there live.
Middle School Kids Dine At Hooters
It's every eighth-grade boy's dream: a field trip that involves lunchtime at Hooters, a restaurant more renowned for its bust lines than its menu.
Though the central Pennsylvania middle school students may have been pleased, others were a little astounded at the teachers' restaurant of…