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Is George Strait’s Farewell Tour Really a Farewell?
With over 50 No. 1 hits, years and years of touring and a farewell tour that has dates selling out in minutes ... why stop now? George Strait proves he still has it at 61, leading us to believe that the Cowboy Rides Away Tour may not be a farewell after all.
Top 10 Most Socially Active Fan Bases In Country Music
Over the last few years, doing the Country Whuppin' and other posts on this website, I've noticed some artists, more than others have rabid fan bases on social media that are constantly pushing for the furthering of their careers.  It may not always be the biggest artists, but in the …
Country Whuppin’ – George Strait vs. Tyler Farr
This is the last run for George Strait on the Country Whuppin'.  It's either win and go to the Hall of Fame or lose and give up the throne to a new champion, even though he'll never give up the throne as king of country.  Should he be dethroned in the Whuppin', it would…

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