george jones

Stealing The Covers – Ol’ Red
Here's another edition of Stealing The Covers, where we reveal multiple versions of popular songs.  Some you may not even know had or were a cover.  In this case, it's the huge Blake Shelton hit 'Ol' Red.'  Did you know that not one, but two country legends cu…
Watching Merle Haggard I Wonder ‘Who’s The Next Legend?’
Merle Haggard put on an excellent show Tuesday night at The Centre, in what could be the last time we get to see him perform in the Tri-State.  As he went through his endless number of hits, I got to thinking, 'What's next for country music?'  I don't have a problem with the evolution of country.  I…
George Jones Remembered in Two Tennessee Corn Mazes
Two corn mazes within driving distance of Nashville are paying tribute to the Possum this fall. Fans can get lost inside the likeness of country legend George Jones during Halloween season. Overhead images of both reveal an older singer in his classic performance-wear and eyeglasses.

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