Ten Best Super Bowl Quarterbacks Of My Generation
With the Super Bowl this weekend, and two relatively unproven quarterbacks facing off, it certainly doesn't look like the epic battles of the past like Montana and Boomer or Elway and Favre.  Instead we have Flacco and Kaepernick, two names that have a long way to go before they're legends.  Here is…
11 Extreme Super Bowl Snacks
Only t-minus four days until the big game, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about the most important part of our Super Bowl party-- food. Nachos, sandwiches, pizza and anything greasy goes, as long as it's hardy and semi-manly. But how the heck are we supposed to choose with so many…
A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL [VIDEO]
The Bad Lip Reading crew has struck again.  Their hilarious over-dubs have attacked musicians, politicians, and even movies, but now, in honor of the playoffs, they've given the Bad Lip Reading treatment to the NFL.
Football Player Flips Over Would-Be Tackle [VIDEO]
There's a lot of argument over this anonymous clip. Not about the guy doing a forward flip right over the person about to tackle him: That's obviously a display of athleticism. No, some people think it was "staged" and others argue it happened spontaneously...

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