10 Food Myths You Probably Believe
All too often we get carried away believing (or worse, repeating) everything we are told and don't spend enough time questioning what's actually been said. We've picked 10 very common health mantras you hear everyday and weeded out the worst of the lies, because we want you to ea…
Halloween Candies That Need to Come Back
It’s that time of year again when we apologize to our pancreas and then eat until we're sick -- Halloween candy season! Everywhere we turn, we’re bombarded with chocolate and gummies and sour things and those peanut butter taffies in the wax paper wrapping that no one ever eats. Somehow those things…
Martha Stewart Gets Canceled [VIDEO]
If you are like me and have no idea how to make a souffle, decorate a picture frame or plan a flower graden, you turned to Martha Stewart to show and teach you how. Well, sadly, we will have to find another source.
‘The Martha Stewart Show’ has been canceled.
Things You Should Buy In November
The holidays are quickly approaching and with black Friday just around corner some GREAT deals are ripe for the pickin. November is one of the best months to shop. Retailers hope for huge profits to start off the season of shopping to possibly make up for a not so profitable ending...
Deep Fried Bubble Gum Wins Most Creative At Texas State Fair [Video]
Just in time for the Fall Festival which is right around the corner featuring deep fried twinkies and donut bank burgers, comes a new deep fried delight that would be a perfect fit on West Franklin during the first week of October. A deep-fried concoction of bubblegum and marshmallows won the prize…
What Lurks In Your Food May Surprise You
We have heard for years that some of our foods contain things we would rather not know about because they get in during the manufacturing process. You would probably not eat anything if you knew an ingrediant could contribute to cancer or even birth defects...or would you?
Goose Kabobs Anyone?
Are you a gamesmen?  Do you just enjoy being adventurous and eating food that's a little different than your everyday fare?  In that case, you'll want to get out to the Warrick County 4-H Fairgrounds this Saturday for the 5th Annual Good Guys' Game Feast.

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