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Do We Eat Too Much Fast Food? – The Numbers Are Staggering
Over the weekend, we moved into a new home and because the house was a wreck the majority of the weekend, we ate out a few times over the last few days.The crowds at fast food places any more are unbelievable and just this morning, Leslie and I found out what the greatest food in human history is...…
Find Out What 2,000 Calories Actually Looks Like
Here's a helpful video, if you were wondering how many carrots you could eat without going over 2,000 calories. If that sounds like something you definitely do not need to know, 2,000 calories is also quantified in Big Macs, pizza, Chipotle burritos and delicious, delicious avocados...
Invisible Driver Prank Works Perfectly in Fast Food Drive Thru
For whatever reason, the fast food drive-thru has become an easy target of pranksters. Whether it's placing your order in Elmo's voice, pretending to pass out or dressing up like E.T., there are some pretty funny and even kind of lame videos out there. This one, however, is creative, hilar…
Students Send First Burger Into Space
Thanks to a group of Harvard students, a fast food burger has boldly gone where no burger has gone before -- into the edge of space. Hey, it's better than eating it. Those things'll kill ya.

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