The Morning After App
There's a new app that might just save you a little or a lot of embarrassment, the morning after a party binge, if you spent the night and letting everyone know about it.
Last Night Never Happened is called "the morning after app."  The app cleans up your&nb…
Now You Can Skype On Facebook
Facebook has announced that it's users will now be able to video call using Skype.  This will allow users to chat with a friend visually without having to have a seperate Skype account. Great!! Now I'll have to take a shower and fix my hair when I log onto Facebook...
Facebook Will Soon Be Scanning Your Face
Imagine someone being able to take a picture of you, your face being scanned for your identity, then your name is given to them. Sound like science fiction? Like it's too far fetched to be true? Well, it's not!!!
Terms ‘Facebook’ And ‘Twitter’ Banned In France
The French government is notorious for banning the use of English words as a way of maintaining French language and culture.
However, a recent ruling by the French government, which now makes it illegal to speak the words "Facebook" or "Twitter" on television or ra…
Facebook Or Smell
Staying in touch is more important than staying in smell.
A new survey from McCann Worldgroup of more than 6,000 people around the world found about half would be willing to give up their sense of smell over the ability to engage in social networking.

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