Pushups For Charity Event This Saturday [Video]
It was not that long ago that Evansville was named as the most obese city in the country and even though we have showed up in different positions on that list in subsequent follow-up surveys, this is something the city took seriously. In fact, Mayor Winnecke made it a priority to get Evansville more…
Primary Day in Indiana: Where to go to Vote
Today is primary day in Indiana and hopefully by this point in the day you have gotten out there and cast your all important vote. If you haven’t you still have some time this evening after you get off work.
If you do not know where you can go to vote, here is a list of all 23 voting centers po…
Evansville, Pictures of the Past
If you find history absolutely fascinating, you should check out this new Facebook site that I found today. It’s called Evansville, Pictures of the Past. It is packed with local photos with everything from the Trains of Evansville, Evansville Diners, Civic Buildings, People, etc...
Injunction Could Block Evansville Smoking Ban
On February 13th, the Evansville City Council passed a smoking ban that included restaurants, bars and clubs which is scheduled to take effect April 1. It was determined the gaming floor at Casino Aztar would be exempt from the ban which had many crying foul.
Security Guard At Ellis Park Is My Hero
An ENORMOUS thank you to the security guard who helped me at Ellis Park this morning named Melvin. I was in my car, driving to work, when this mornings tornado was coming through Henderson and Eville. I pulled up to the gate and he helped me into the safe room for shelter from the storm...
American Red Cross Opens Shelter In Newburgh
The American Red Cross has opened a shelter in Newburgh at the American Legion at Highway 261 and Sharon Road . This is also a location where photos / belongings can be dropped off if you are in the area and find something that may have blown away in the storm.

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