Using Uber in Evansville [WATCH]
Yesterday my friends and I decided it would be fun to test out Uber in Evansville! Most of us have Uber-d (past tense?) before, but since Uber just got to Evansville, none of us have ever Ubered in our home town, so yesterday we decided to give it a shot!
Coat-A-Kids Fundraiser
Maybe it’s because people think times are better now. But whatever the reason, a lot fewer coats are coming in for the Coat-A-Kid program and Steve Schmitt wants us to know the need is still there.
“This year especially we want to remind the community – and parents going through the…
Outreach Ministries Evansville to Host Cheesecake Fundraiser
One of the best kept secrets in Evansville might very well be the work being done at Outreach Ministries since 1964. Their mission is to provide help for working poor families in crisis. Since their inception, Outreach Ministries has helped families pay their rent, utility bills, groceries, medical …

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