Watch Elevator Weatherman Prank
Being in an elevator is always somewhat awkward. The more people in the elevator, the more awkward the ride seems. Why is it that everyone stares so intently at the floor indicator lights? Have you ever tried to engage someone in conversation? Let's not even talk about the possibility of some s…
Another Very Scary Elevator Prank With a Coffin
A couple of weeks ago I posted a very scary and creepy video about a ghost girl in an elevator that was absolutely chilling. The same people have put together another elevator prank using a coffin complete with a corpse that comes back to life like a zombie.
Scary Child Ghost Elevator Prank Might Be the Best Ever
I know Halloween is over, but scare pranking is fun any day of the year. There have been some scary pranks over the years, but this one from Brazil might be the best ever. Pranks have come a long way in recent years and have become pretty sophisticated like this video involving a child ghost, an ele…