A Twist On Olympic Drinking Games
My favorite part of the Olympics really has nothing to do with athleticism. It's all about the drinking games:) My favorite is when you take a shot every time Andrea Mitchell asks a stupid question during an interview ( you can get pretty messed up during that one.)
Soft Serve Beer [VIDEO]
There is NOTHING better on a hot day than a cold beer? And,on the show this morning, I told you how you can have frozen, soft serve beer. Ice cold beer foam dispensed like soft-serve ice cream????? Now we're talkin!!!!
Your Beer Gut May Have Nothing To Do With Beer
Is it possible the “beer belly” is just a MYTH???? A German study shows that your beer gut and your beer drinking may not be related. The bad news is.....the beer is probably helping you gain weight. The not so bad news..... the weight you’re gaining around your midd…
Beer Guts: A Midlife Crisis
You know, back in my high school days I used to think that the only men who walked around with beer guts were old, lazy alcoholic degenerates who lived wild redneck lives and beat their wives and kids often. Now that I’m almost forty years old and I’ve lived out a wild redneck life of my own, it’s c…
The Morning After App
There's a new app that might just save you a little or a lot of embarrassment, the morning after a party binge, if you spent the night and letting everyone know about it.
Last Night Never Happened is called "the morning after app."  The app cleans up your&nb…