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Country Whuppin’ – Gary Allan Vs. Eric Church
LoCash fell just short of a 4th win on the Country Whuppin' getting stopped by Gary Allan.  Now, the new champion will take over and defend the title, as Allan's "Hangover Tonight" faces the challenge of Eric Church and "Like A Wrecking Ball."
Country Whuppin’ – LoCash Vs. Gary Allan
It was a nice outing by Michael Ray, but LoCash continues as champion of the Country Whuppin' gaining 57% of the vote.  While the last Whuppin' was a week long vote, this one will only be 24 hours, so good luck.  LoCash will defend their title against Gary Allan, who is back with…
Country Whuppin’ – LoCash Vs. Michael Ray
LoCash continues their run as champion on the Country Whuppin', and going into a week where I will be taking vacation, the voting for this one will last all week!  LoCash takes "I Love This Life" into battle with Michael Ray and "Kiss You In The Morning."…
Country Whuppin’ – LoCash Vs. Big And Rich
It's a special edition of the Country Whuppin' today and we have a new champion! Evansville bound, Locash, who perform at KC's Timeout Lounge on February 28th, take over as champs to face another dynamic duo in Big and Rich!
Country Whuppin’ – Mo Pitney Vs. LoCash
Two new challengers went into battle on the Country Whuppin' on Tuesday, and only one could come out as a new champion, and that artist was Mo Pitney.  So, of course, his first act as champion is to defend the title, and he'll do that against the guys coming to Evansville in a couple …
Country Whuppin’ – Brooklyhn Woods Vs. Bryson Jennings
Brooklyhn Woods has come to the end of the road on her Country Whuppin' journey, and this is the point where she either heads to the Hall of Fame or falls to a new champ.  It's all in your hands as she faces one more challenge.  This time, it's from another in-studio guest, …
Country Whuppin’ – Ricky Gunn Vs. Brooklyhn Woods
This is the last stand for our former studio guest, Ricky Gunn as he looks for the 5th and final win and a trip to Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame!  To get the win, he'll have to get past another guest who brought her single to us in person, Brooklyhn Woods!
Country Whuppin’ – Ricky Gunn Vs. Mickey Guyton
Ricky Gunn is riding high after three big wins, last taking down Reba!  Can he get two more wins, and take his debut single to the Hall of Fame?  To do it, he'll have to take down another new artist and her debut single.  It's newcomer, Mickey Guyton and a nice return to rea…

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