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Country Whuppin’ – Boone Vs. Kellie Pickler
Boone has been the man in 4 straight battles and with one more win, he can cement his place in the Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame.  It won't be easy, though, because he faces a challenge from a multiple time Hall of Fame member, Kellie Pickler!
Country Whuppin’ – Boone Vs. Erica Nicole
The tally is at 3 straight wins now for Boone and his 'Summer Girls' on the Country Whuppin', and he has the chance to defend his crown on this special Friday edition!  Boone will be facing the strong and bold new single from rising artist, Erica Nicole!
Country Whuppin’ – Boone Vs. Olivia Lane
After a landslide victory for Boone, he is the new champion and ready to defend his title on the Country Whuppin'.  Today, he faces another new artist that will be appearing at Country Con, September 12th in Owensboro, Olivia Lane!
Country Whuppin’ – Cam Vs. Boone
We've got a two-time winner now on the Country Whuppin' and that's new artist, Cam.  She faces another new artist, this one from Rockport, Indiana.  Folks around here know him as Daniel Epperson, and the rest of the world is now being introduced to him as Boone.  It&apo…
Country Whuppin’ – Cam Vs. Billy Currington
New female artist, Cam, has taken over as the new champion of the Country Whuppin', with the call-in vote helping her big-time!  'Burning House' is taking on a fun new song from Billy Currington called 'Drinkin' Town With A Football Problem.'
Country Whuppin’ – Keith Urban Vs. Cam
Keith Urban and his 3 'Johns' continue to dominate the Country Whuppin'.  With over 90% of the total vote, he gained win number 2, and moves on to face a new challenge.  This next challenger is a fierce newcomer and one of the 'Next Women of Country' according to C…
Country Whuppin’ – Keith Urban Vs. Tyler Farr
The power of the 3 'Johns' won out over Miranda Lambert on Tuesday, making Keith Urban the new champion on the Country Whuppin'.  Keith's new song takes over as the champion to face the challenger that's feening for a win.  It's Tyler Farr with 'Withdrawa…
Country Whuppin’ – Miranda Lambert Vs. Keith Urban
Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town teamed up in a five on two match to out-man Florida Georgia Line in the Country Whuppin'.  Now the monster quintet must fight against a trio of Johns: John Cougar, John Deere, and John 3:16.  It's the new single from Keith Urban.
Country Whuppin’ – Rick Monroe Vs. Corey Smith
Rick Monroe is looking for a 5th and final win on the Country Whuppin'.  That would send him to the Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame, but not so fast, because Corey Smith is standing in the way, and before he comes to the Big O Music Fest, he wants to challenge the champion!

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