country whuppin'

Country Whuppin’ – Kellie Pickler Vs. Trace Adkins
In the battle of former American Idol ladies, Kellie Pickler got the duke over Lauren Alaina to become the new champion.  Today, she faces big...and I mean BIG competition in the form of Trace Adkins and is tag team partner Colbie Caillat in the Country Whuppin'!
Country Whuppin’ – Jon Pardi Vs. Eric Paslay
Three wins down for Jon Pardi and two more to go to make the Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame.  'Up All Night' gained a very decisive win over Dakota Bradley, and now it faces off with another 'night' song from singer/songwriter, Eric Paslay!
Country Whuppin’ – Jon Pardi Vs. Lady Antebellum
Jon Pardi has become the new champion of the Country Whuppin,' using the strength of his #pardianimals! With 57% of the vote over Morgan Frazier, Pardi rides his win into enemy territory facing the second single from the new 'Golden' album from Lady Antebellum.
Country Whuppin’ – Morgan Frazier Vs. Jon Pardi
Morgan Frazier is the queen of the comeback so far in her run as champion.  She overcame being defeated in the call-in portion of voting to overtake Lee Brice with the online vote and move on to win number two.  She may get win number three, but only if she can turn back the challenge from…
Country Whuppin’ – Morgan Frazier Vs. Lee Brice
With an amazing last minute comeback, Morgan Frazier has taken over as the Country Whuppin' champ, leaving JB and the Moonshine Band just short of the Hall of Fame.  But now Morgan must move on and face the challenge to come as she faces the new single from Lee Brice!

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