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Country Whuppin’ – Kellie Pickler Vs. Lee Brice
Kellie Pickler's "Closer To Nowhere" is inching closer to 'somewhere' and that somewhere is the Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame.  After a close win over Big and Rich, she is headed into a matchup with Lee Brice and his new single.  We all know Kellie is …
Country Whuppin’ – Kellie Pickler Vs. Joe Nichols
Jake Owen was so close, but fell just short of the Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame. He ran into the new single from Kellie Pickler, which takes over today as the new champion.  Kellie will defend her title for the first time against Joe Nichols and his new release.
Country Whuppin’ – Jake Owen Vs. J.J. Lawhorn
Jake Owen grabbed a big win stopping Lindsay Ell short of the Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame, but now he has to fend off his own challengers with "Beachin."  His first challenger as champion is Average Joe's artist, J.J. Lawhorn and his single, "Good Ol'…
Country Whuppin’ – Lindsay Ell Vs. Jake Owen
Lindsay Ell has picked up another impressive win in the Country Whuppin', knocking off The Swon Brothers.  Next it's off to the ocean to face a single that may just warm you up in the dead of winter.  It's Jake Owen's new single, "Beachin.'"
Country Whuppin’ – Lindsay Ell Vs. Swon Brothers
New artist Lindsay Ell has continued her winning ways on the Country Whuppin', taking down Darius Rucker, and now she faces a duo that is no stranger to counting on votes to push them through. The challengers are former 'Voice' contestants, The Swon Brothers, with 'Later On.&apos…
Country Whuppin’ – Tim McGraw Vs. Lindsay Ell
It was another short run as champion, as Eston Corbin was stopped in his tracks by Tim McGraw's new single, "Looking For That Girl" on the Country Whuppin'.  Now, Tim will defend his title against new female in the biz, Lindsay Ell and her debut single.
Country Whuppin’ – Easton Corbin Vs. Tim McGraw
Easton Corbin made short work of first-time champ, "Looking Back Now" from Maggie Rose, and now he looks to continue his winning ways on the Country Whuppin'.  This young artist with traditional  sound faces a country veteran, taking a turn for the hip hop country so…

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