Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Worst Christmas Special Ever
There has been so much talk lately about Blake Shelton's recent Christmas special, 'Blake Shelton's Not So Family Christmas', which received great reviews. Definitely not a family show, but very funny, very creative and very well put together. People are still talking about the n…
Evansville Holiday Parade [PHOTOS]
The Evansville Holiday Parade is underway and we are excited to be a part of it! Last year the weather forced its cancellation, but this year, we hope for the best as the parade takes a new route into the area north of downtown.
Do Retailers Begin Promoting Christmas Too Early?
I don't know about you, but when I was a kid it was unheard of to see even the slightest hint of Christmas until after Thanksgiving. In today's world, the 'Christmas Creep', a term used to describe how retailers keep bumping up the start of Christmas promotions each year, gets ea…
The Mother Of All Christmas Freak Outs [Video]
This will no doubt be the LAST Christmas video that we post until next year, but this one while very disturbing, is probably worth a look. There is always that reaction kids have to opening the one present they wanted more than anything else.
Baby Boy Gives The radioPup Puppy A Christmas Makeover
I was checking out our Facebook page  and figured the radioPup puppy needed to get in the christmas spirit, so I gave him or her a santa hat. That's much better! You love radioPup already when listening to The Tri-State's Country and keeping up with contests when you're…
Need A Unique Gift Idea? Reindeer Rentals! – Really [Video]
Need a new idea this year that is something out of the ordinary yet very memorable? A UK couple has just what you are looking for ----they rent real live reindeer for public appearances....that's right, actual reindeer and they are making a killing because business is flying high.
Our Favorite Christmas Movies
It's Christmas time so that means Christmas movies. Even though the same half-dozen or so holiday favorites are  played again and again, two films that remain  a MUST SEE are ‘A Christmas Story’ and ‘It’s a Wonderful Life…
Santa’s House Party (Guy Gifts)
The holidays are here, so get your priorities straight. First, get snockered. ( Pour liquor in a red solo cup, lift up to face, repeat.) Second, make sure you'll never again be stuck with cheap cologne or make the mistake of giving your lady cleaning supplies. Sin...

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