Jell-O Pudding Vending Machine That’s Not For Kids [Video]
Bill Cosby was one who helped make Jell-O Pudding a household name, but Jell-O has always billed it's delicious temptations as treats designed specifically for adults. They are backing that up with a new vending machine that gives samples of the products, but NOT to kids.
No More Texting On Your Bicycle
Chicago could become the first city in America to make it a crime to text while riding your bicycle! Recommended by the Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Committee,it would would make it illegal to talk on a cell phone without a hands-free device while biking on the road...
Our 44th Turns 50
Today our 44th president turns the big 5 - 0!!! Barack Obama held party in Chicago last night. Tickets cost between $50 and $35,800. If you purchased a $10,000 ticket, you got to take a picture with the President. Jennifer Hudson sang happy birthday to the president...