Favorite Candy Says A Lot About You
"Your favorite candy reveals important insights into your personality," says psychologist Sigmund Schwartz. What does the candy say about YOU?????
Chocolate Bars -- You see the big picture and tend to make long terms plans. Your passion for order and detail assures that you'll …
Fun Facts About Easter Candy
Easter Candy: You Love it. We love it. Your hyperactive children love it. There's nothing like stuffing your mug with a few Cadbury Cream Eggs before breakfast.
But did you know...?
New Study Says You Can Have Your Candy And Eat It To
Chocolate and candy lovers rejoice! A new study says people who eat candy and chocolate occasionally tend to weigh less, have a lower BMI and waist circumference and have decreased levels of risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
The Coolest, Craziest Novelty Easter Candies
Easter has become synonymous with delicious Cadbury eggs, pastel-hued candies, oval jellybeans and giant, hollow bunnies crafted from tasty milk chocolate. In order to compete with the masses, candy companies have had to step up their game when it comes to novelty Easter candy...