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Billy Currington Stalks His Love Prey in ‘Hey Girl’ Video
Billy Currington has been through a lot lately. He was charged with making terrorist threats, mug shot and all, (April 24) to an elderly boater speeding by his dock. But even with all of the stress related to the situation, he STILL managed to release a GREAT song and video. In the sexiness that onl…
Billy Currington Turns Himself in to Police
Billy Currington has turned himself into police after a bench warrant was issued for his arrest on Wednesday. The singer was indicted by a grand jury on terroristic threats and abuse of an elder charges stemming from an April 15 incident. He was not arrested at the time.
Country Whuppin’ – Billy Currington Vs. Maggie Rose
A big congratulations goes out to Weston Burt, who put together 5 straight wins to make it to the Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame! That means we have two new challengers that face off today. First, it's Billy Currington and his new tune, 'Hey Girl.' He'll be facing off against…
Top 99 Of 2011 Coming New Year’s Weekend
As always we thank you for your requests all year long, by e-mail, on the request line, and during the drive home with Dashboard DJ.  Because you've requested them, we've kept track of them all, and compiled the Top 99 songs of the past year.

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