Will Indiana Ever Allow Sunday Beer Sales?
Sunday alcohol sales across the state of Indiana has been the subject of much controversy, mostly because liquor store owners want nothing to do with Sunday sales, and even more interesting than that, they do not want your local grocery store to be able to sell it either.
5 Beers to Try for the Perfect Indiana Summer
Nothing says summer quite like having a few or five cold beers with some good friends while doing just about anything that involves the outdoors. And with much warmer temperatures just around the corner, we thought we would take an opportunity to recommend several beers that could quite possibly mak…
Wednesday Afternoon Eye Candy – Kip Moore
Okay, okay, so I missed 'Monday Morning Eye Candy.' I received so many messages and emails about how sad your were that you didn't get to wake up and see a bunch of hot guys that I decided to give you ONE super hot guy AND you can watch him playing his guitar, singing you a love song,…
How Many Ways Can You Open A Beer Bottle? [Video]
Memorial Day weekend kicked off the summer season and that means boating, BBQs, family picnics or any other outdoor activity. How many times have you been out in the wilderness only to discover the beer bottles are NOT twist off and you do NOT have a bottle opener?
Beer Guts: A Midlife Crisis
You know, back in my high school days I used to think that the only men who walked around with beer guts were old, lazy alcoholic degenerates who lived wild redneck lives and beat their wives and kids often. Now that I’m almost forty years old and I’ve lived out a wild redneck life of my own, it’s c…
Pass Me The Wine, I Mean Beer [VIDEO]
Since the beginning of its existance, the beer market has been domainated by men. Advertisers gear their ads toward male consumed forms of media. But, that's all about to change!
According to, Carlsberg's Coppenhagen Beer is now marketing a "gender neutral beer" w…
Finally, A Beer For Chicks
Although most people think of beer as a "man drink" , I actually enjoy a beer every once in a while! :-) Beer companies are trying to change the stereotype and tap into a target market of women with money to spend.
Companies like Michelob are trying to do just that  w…

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