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My Evansville Icemen Experience 2/3/12 [Gallery]
I've never been to an Evansville Icemen Hockey game before, or any hockey game for that matter. Nevertheless, I sure had a lot of fun! I just got a new camera, so I was able to take some better pictures. Check out my experience for yourself in the Gallery below.
Baby Boy Finds: Dog Collar Grandson
Some of the best videos on the internet are commercials you may already be seeing on TV every day. Sadly, some of you with daughters will have second thoughts after watching this commercial!
Here's another one I liked
Baby Boy Reviews- Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star
Nick Swardson's stand-up is hilarious. Eric and I was listening to his stand-up comedy CDs on the way to Memphis for our St. Jude Trip and I was laughing the whole way.  So I thought surely his new movie has to be good.  I was wrong.
The Last Geek Club Meeting [VIDEO]
For over a year Jon, Scott, Eric and Baby Boy have had a weekly Geek Club Meeting. With the news of Scott leaving the Tri-state for a job in Cincinnati, they had ONE more meeting. I know I was a little hard on them ;-) but, I have to say, it was the best one ever...

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