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American Idol Judges – Ranked Best To Worst
On the cusp of a new season of American Idol headed our way next week, including 3 new judges, I've decided to rank the past judges of American Idol from worst to first.  It reamins to be seen how Keith Urban, Nikki Minaj, and Mariah Carey will rank, but until then, here is my opinion.
When Does ‘American Idol’ Season 12 Start?
Keith Urban has been getting his hands dirty recently, searching for the the nation's foremost raw talent (and extinguishing diva flame wars between his fellow celebrity judges), and it's about time for fans to tune in on the action. So, when does 'American Idol' Season 12 start?
Brad Paisley Could Be a New Judge on American Idol
American Idol will look very different next year in terms of the judges. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler both announced they would not be returning as judges next season. We now know that Mariah Carey has signed on as a new judge, but that leaves one open slot that could be filled by …
American Idol Report – Who Is In The Finals?
I can't say the top 3 of this year's American Idol is a surprise, but at the same time I thought we'd see folks like Colton and Skylar here...heck I even thought Shannon had a chance before she butchered the opening rounds.  But, we have Joshua, Jessica, and Phillip.  Who go…
American Idol Report – Top Four
After seeing the top 4 perform on American Idol last night, this just keeps getting harder.  Last week, I put Skylar at the top of my list to stay and she was eliminated.  This week, I'm even more confused as to who should be in the finals, but I'll take another shot at it this w…
American Idol Report – Top 6 Tackle Queen
Well, I must admit defeat once again on my report, as last week I once again was not only wrong with my pick of who was going home, but also predicted Colton Dixon would win it all.  And he's gone.  This week I am not quitting.  I will still make my picks, and hope I'm right…

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