2 year-old

Two-Year-Old Lock Picking, Pillow Stealing Bandit Busted on Video
This is one of the funniest 'kid' videos I have ever seen. Anyone who has kids knows that kids want what they want when they want it. However, sometimes the little tykes have to be pretty creative to get what they want without being seen. When my daughter, Emily was a toddler, I could never figure o…
2-Year-Old Busts A Move Like No Other – Best Ever! [Video]
There is dancing and then there is REALLY dancing. If you are a fan of 'Dancing With the Stars', you have seen some great performances after months and months of hard work and training. None of those dancers can even hold a candle to 2-year-old William Stokkebroe who recently gave a perfor…
Jack And The Beanstalk 2011
We have all heard the classic tale of 'Jack and the Beanstalk', but I guarantee you have never heard the story told quite like this, by a 2 year-old. Notice he never lets go of his tootsie pop!