It is always so cool when I am able to meet and interview country artists. But, what I found even more cool was meeting and interviewing a songwriter who wrote a song that has touched my heart for years. A song with a first verse, that I swore HAD to be about me. I always thought that the songwriter must know me somehow. It turns out that the writers are Jason Matthews and Kerry Kurt Phillips and that our paths have never crossed until last Friday morning.

Listen to the story of how 'Life Happened' came to be.......


My life played out just like the beginning of this song, almost to the tee. But then, life happened. And, hearing Jason sing it, made me cry. It was like he was sing it just for me.

I wish he would have been able to sing the entire song. Jason co-wrote 'Life Happened' but Tammy Cochran recorded it back in 2002.