As I look back at my years of being a mom, so far, I think the most important thing I have done is support them in whatever they do and teach them that there is NOTHING they can't do. Sitting in the stands, in the auditorium or the gym, watching them, I know that what I have done has made a difference in who the have become and who they will turn out to be. Do I need thanked? No. But, it feels really good when they do. :-)

Whether they thank me with something as simple as a glance, a smile or a hug, it warms my heart and reminds me that any sacrifice I have made for their happiness is worth it.

In the new Winter Olympics ad, Olympians thank THEIR moms. I love it! :-)

The Winter Olympics will be begin February 7th and run through February 23rd from Sochi Russia, on NBC.