Men have a very difficult time figuring out what women really want and what is really important to them. Most men have a pretty good idea of what they think women care most about and guess what guys? We are WRONG!! recently did some research and came up with a list of things that women really don't care that much about, even though most men think they do. Things Like:

- Romantic Comedies

This is great news for us guys. We were always under the impression that all they wanted to see were 'Chick Flicks', not so much with some women. They might be just as happy seeing a zombie movie or anything done by Stephen King......SWEET!!

- Roses

Let's face it guys, roses are easy and don't require a lot of thought and thought is what really counts. She would be much happier with something that showed you took some time and gave it some thought over roses any day of the week.

- Diamonds

What?? I thought all women wanted diamonds. Turns out they might rather have something less attention getting, who knew?

- Lasting Hours in bed

Thank god!!! Talk about pressure. It appears that quality beats out quantity in this case almost every time. Whhhhhhhheeeeewww!

- Washboard Abs

According to some studies, some women tend to like guys who are a little meatier. Washboard abs could be an indication that he is more about him and less about her, Awesome!! Could we get another order of wings here please?

- Having babies

More and more women are not as concerned about having children by a certain age anymore. More and more women are not defining a fulfilling life by the number of children they have and are doing more for themselves.

- Finding a Rich Man

More and more research says that women are more attracted to a man who can make them laugh more than anything else. A rich dud is not as appealing as man who is funny and maintains a great sense of humor and is willing to have a little fun. Go for it guys!