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Find Your Art Doppleganger Using Google App
Google Arts and Culture App is amazing for many reasons, but right now, everyone is trying to find their work of art doppleganger. Google uses face recognition technology to reveal your face found in an existing work of art!
How To Wrap a Christmas Gift in Under 15 Seconds
How are YOU when it comes to wrapping a Christmas gift? Most people can't wrap a gift neatly AND if they try to rush, it's even worse. There is usually WAY too much wrapping paper and tape everywhere. If this sounds like you, try THIS!
The Color Mind Game [VIDEO]
The other day, my girlfriend showed me this picture/game that she saw on Snapchat and asked me to try it out. Easier said than done!
The Q Crew Tries A New Pop Tart Flavor
Pop Tarts have been around for quite some time now and new flavors come and go. The Q Crew tries one of their newest flavors, Maple Bacon Pop Tarts.
FB Friend Of The Day
Imagine relaxing in the Penthouse Suite of the Holiday Inn in Panama City Beach For Free!
The Adventures of Greenman
WKDQ got a special surprise today, when Greenman took over the building. What happened when he was here was....different to say the least.