What's going on?

Spring Cleanup Week in Henderson
Henderson residents looking to get rid of old furniture or other large items taking up space in their homes can do so free of charge during the annual Spring Cleanup Week.
Evansville Elementary School Opening Food Pantry
Our media partner, Eyewitness News, reported that Lincoln Elementary is opening up a in-school food pantry to assist and serve the kids and families at Lincoln School. It is the only one of it's kind in the Tristate.
Grandma Gets To Ride In a Monster Truck
I could barely contain myself on Friday night at Dairy Queen, in Owensboro. The driver of the monster truck asked me if I wanted a to take a ride. Of course I said, YES!!!!!! The inner tomboy in me was unleashed. Take a look.
Prepare Your Car for Summer
The Summer heat is almost here and your car needs to be ready!! The Tri-STate Better Business Bureau offers some great tips.
Foods To Eat If You Sit All Day
I literally sit on my butt ALL day. Not by choice, but because I spend two hours on the driving to and from work, four hours doing a show and another four hours at my desk, writing blogs and posting on social media. So, I'm desperate to find out some ways to help me even IF I have to sit ALL d…
Five Products That Claim To Stop Annoying Snoring
The older we get, it seems that my husband and I wake each other up because of our snoring. I usually wake him up to tell him to roll over on his side and then he tells ME that I'm the one who was actually snoring. It's a battle we have just about every night. So, we have been looking into…
Kentucky Middle Teachers and Staff Are Livin On A Prayer [VIDEO]
Leslie's son, Hayden, attended Daviess County Middle School so she knows just how incredible the teachers and staff are every single day. To get students geared up for their upcoming Lip Sync Battle, following the KPREP testing, they decided to bring out their inner Bon Jovi. Take a look!
Owensboro's 'Friday After 5' Unveils New Website and App
One of the things that makes a great Summer even better is Friday After 5 on the Owensboro riverfront. We are a month away for all the fun! Check out the new things that will make enjoying Friday After 5 easier than ever.
Princeton Community High School Graduate Wins Pulitzer Prize
One of Leslie's former students has made national headlines for his work on a local video documentary titled, Seven Days of Heroin. The piece, put together for the Cincinnati Enquirer, has won a Pulitzer Prize!! Needless to say, she is more than proud!!
New Vaccination Requirements for Kentucky Students
New vaccination requirements in Kentucky will require that grade school and high school students receive two doses the Hepatitis A vaccine, while some will also be required to receive two does of the meningitis vaccine as well.
Important Vacation Safety Tips
It's important to be safe when you take your family on vacation. Here are safety tips when visiting the beach, staying in a hotel, or just sight seeing. #BeSafe