What's going on?

Owensboro's 'Friday After 5' Unveils New Website and App
One of the things that makes a great Summer even better is Friday After 5 on the Owensboro riverfront. We are a month away for all the fun! Check out the new things that will make enjoying Friday After 5 easier than ever.
Princeton Community High School Graduate Wins Pulitzer Prize
One of Leslie's former students has made national headlines for his work on a local video documentary titled, Seven Days of Heroin. The piece, put together for the Cincinnati Enquirer, has won a Pulitzer Prize!! Needless to say, she is more than proud!!
New Vaccination Requirements for Kentucky Students
New vaccination requirements in Kentucky will require that grade school and high school students receive two doses the Hepatitis A vaccine, while some will also be required to receive two does of the meningitis vaccine as well.
Important Vacation Safety Tips
It's important to be safe when you take your family on vacation. Here are safety tips when visiting the beach, staying in a hotel, or just sight seeing. #BeSafe
DIY Ant Killer
Ants invading your home? This DIY ant killer using Borax Laundry Booster turns those pests into your personal soldiers of death by making them do the work for you.
Coffee With A Cop At Chick-Fil-A is Tomorrow
Every month we are proud to team up with The Evansville Police Department for "Coffee With A Cop" And, tomorrow is the first one with Leslie's new partner, Ryan O'Bryan. Stop by and meet him at Chick-Fil-A!!
Coolest Concert Tickets EVER
When you buy your Thomas Rhett concert tickets for his 2018 Life Changes Tour, these tickets could come in the mail.
New Oreo Flavors May Be Coming Soon
Remember Candy Corn Oreos or Watermelon Oreos? Well, according to CandyHunting on Instagram, we can expect two NEW flavors this Summer!! See what flavors they are predicting.