What's going on?

IRS Warning Of New Tax Scam
Tis the season for scamming, tax scams that is!! Basically, if someone tells you they deposited a tax refund in your account by mistake and tell you that you need to repay them immediately, it's a scam! Click for more details.
Newburgh Mother's Insightful Feelings About School Lockout
Anxiety fills the hearts and minds of parents in these very troubling times. This week we have experienced several violent threats against schools in the community. One of which happened within the Warrick County School Corporation. A lockout was announced and a terrified mother dealt reality of wha…
Are Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Headed for Divorce?
With questions swirling around, since November 2017, about injuries Carrie Underwood sustained falling down stairs from the back door to her home, rumors are now surfacing of divorce for her and husband, Mike Fisher.
Kentucky State Police Warn Against Making Violent Threats
It was avery scary morning in the Tri-State. Several threats against local schools were made just this morning by students. Those threats were made in in Warrick County In Indiana and Henderson and Daviess Counties in Kentucky. It appears as if these kids are looking for attention and a kind of acce…
The Secretary of State Isn't Calling You
These 'government' calls and emails are happening more and more, especially around tax refund time. Right now, it's the 'Secretary of State' Please beware!!
10 Sexiest County Songs
Feeling sexy and lovey-dovey today? Here is a playlist just for you and your country music lovin, special someone. Have fun!
Tell Me.....
Watch the Valentines Day Hallmark ad!! xo
Get Your Man Some 'Mangerie' For Valentines Day
Ladies, are you wracking your brain trying to figure out what to get your guy for Valentines's Day? Even though you are almost out of time to order the perfect gift, just make it Valentines Day month and you'll be good. How about a gift the is sexy and silly??