Birthdays, everyone has one and for the most part, it is the one day of the year that belongs to you and you alone. It is and should be a celebration of your own life. It is funny that the older you get, the less important your birthday seems to fact, for some people, a birthday is nothing more than a reminder that you are getting older. What about your birthday falling on a workday....should you have to work? I was lucky growing up because my birthday falls in the summer and I was always out of school on my birthday, which was totally awesome. I did however, feel bad for my friends whose birthdays fell during the school year. I always used to let them know that I thought they were getting completely hosed by having to go to school on their birthday.

A new survey has revealed that 35% people think their birthday should in fact be a paid personal day off. It was the number one day they don't have off that they wished they did. It beat out every other potential extra day off and even some iconic holidays like Christmas.

More people in the survey ranked Christmas Eve as a more desired day off than Christmas Day. The rest of the established holidays generally ranked less than 5% in terms of desired days off. The number one day people wanted was their birthday.