According to a new poll from the Hart Research Associates, more than 80% of American adults are in favor of the minimum wage being raised to slightly over $10 per hour. The current minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, which was established in July of 2009 and many believe a move up in the wage is in order. Unemployment is down, but most believe that is because more people are working lower paying jobs at the absolute bottom of the pay scale.

The two main hiring industries right now are retail and restaurant workers, which both saw big hiring numbers last month. Last week on the East Coast, some fast food workers staged walk-outs at McDonald's and other restaurants in hopes of getting the minimum wage raised to about $15 per hour.

One thing we do know is that fewer and fewer people are able to secure full-time work anymore and what work is secured pays at the lower end of the pay scale.Bottom line, the cost of living never stops rising and decent paying full-time jobs are harder and harder to come by.

People want to work, but they have to be able to support their families as well. Obviously, a raise in the minimum wage would hurt small employers the most, but most Americans believe something has to change and the minimum wage needs to be a livable wage, which it currently is not.