On the surface, this video seems to be a bathroom mirror prank, but in reality is a very serious message about drinking and driving. It was done in Great Britain and is part of a Campaign called "Think" for the Department of Transport...and yes, transport is correct.

It basically shows guys standing at the sink, washing their hands when suddenly, the mirror violently shatters, blood spills onto the basin and you see a face in the broken part of the mirror, which terrorizes the men.

I'm not quite sure how effective this is because the message comes at the very end of the clip. I am also not quite sure about the men in the clip and how they fit into this. Is this a TV PSA of some kind or something else?

It certainly gets your attention, but it leaves me with more questions. I would like to know how successful this campaign is because it seems kind of extreme and even bordering on a sick joke. You can decide for yourself.