Drunk driving, texting and driving and distracted driving in general have reached epidemic proportions. Interventions are a good idea, but sometimes don't work. Then there is the group of friends who tried an epic intervention prank on a friend with FIVE DUIs. The friends turned an ordinary office into a very real-looking hospital room when their friend, Ray, was passed out drunk in his truck. The plan was to have him in the mock hospital room by the time he woke up.

Ray awoke to a 'nurse' in his room who told him that he was in a hospital and would be just fine and she would send the doctor right in. The fake doctor comes in explained to him that he had been in a coma for 10 years following his last drunk driving escapade. The 'doctor' turns on the TV and tells him to watch a little while he gets the specialist.

On the TV is hilarious fake news report about Miley Cyrus' troubles and what President Hillary Clinton plans to do about Canada. The 'specialist' comes in and lets the cat out of the bag as far as what is really going on.

I was totally on board with this prank until they told him what was going on and it became a huge yuk-yuk session. Ray was laughing hysterically, as was the the other guy who did tell him that with five DUIs, he has to change his life.

The problem is they were both laughing so hard, the real message got completely lost. I thought the prank was brilliant until the end. This was no laughing matter and I wish Ray would have taken this more seriously.

I was hoping it would have scared the crap out of him, but it didn't. Instead of being relieved it was all just a prank, he should have been more relieved the consequences of his drinking hadn't gotten to that point. Great attempt though by his friends to get him to wise up and get a clue. Hopefully, Ray will change his life  for the better...we'll see. See the prank below.