On Friday morning, Leslie and I had representatives from the Grand Ole' Opry in studio and talked about upcoming events at the Opry - how the Opry is unlike anything in any other music genre. We also played a few live cuts from memorable Opry performances. Then talked about the fact that some artists will do songs on the Opry that you will never hear on the radio, like what Scotty McCreery did last week.McCreery has become a favorite an the Opry and when he came out on the Opry stage last week, he mentioned that while he was in Las Vegas he had the chance to meet one of his favorites, Garth Brooks. McCreery told the crowd he wanted to do a Garth song and proceeded to give one of the best performances of "The Dance" you will ever hear. McCreery will be in Evansville with Brad Paisley on October 4th at the Ford Center. Watch Scotty's Opry performance below.