Snickers, Twix, M&Ms, 3 Musketeers, Mars and Milky Way bars are all made by Mars Inc. As part of a new health conscious approach, the company has announed that they will discontinue the king-size version of their bars and by 2013, plan to stop shipping all chocolate products that exceed 250 calories. By the way, the king-size Snickers bar contains a staggering 510 calories and a serving size from that bar is one-third of a bar. The regular Snickers bar contains 280 calories so, does that mean they are going to do away with Snickers altogether?? Maybe.

Some people believe that Mars Inc. is trying to reduce the amount of cocoa used in their products because cocoa is so expensive, but the company says it is more a matter of health and nutrition concerns that prompted this move.

Also, the company plans to reduce sodium levels by 25-percent in all Mars food products by 2015 and they will no longer market chocolate products to children under the age of 12. Mars will also put calorie counts on the front of packages and eliminating trans fat.

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