If you've crossed the Twin Bridges any time in the last month and a half, you've seen the flashing signs warning you of deer.  That is because with the high water, the deer that populate the Evansville and Henderson flood plains are looking for higher ground.  The Evansville Courier and Press first announced the warning in early March.  But now the water is back up and deer are on the move once again.  The pictures you see were taken with my camera phone on Thursday, as over 20 deer waded through the rising water just south of the bridges.  They seemed very confused and panicked especially with the traffic zipping by and the birds flying near them.  As I was taking pictures, the reason for the warnings became very clear as all the animals began to scatter in different directions.  they were getting a little too close for me, so I scattered back to my car, just in time watch at least five of the deer run right into traffic on US 41.  In the midst of the confusion at least one was hit by a vehicle and remained in the road.  This is not only a dangerous situation for the deer, but also for motorists.  Kentucky transportation spokesman Keith Todd spoke to the Courier and Press in March with a warning to drivers, and I'm sure he'd have the same message today:

Todd had one final piece of advice for motorists traveling along U.S. 41 this weekend: "Slow down, slow down, slow down."