When you were a kid, you probably had a stuffed animal or some kind of toy that you would not part with for any reason or any amount of money. If you have kids or grandkids, you are probably intimately familiar with this scenario. Well, meet 6-year-old Justice Wadsworth of Washington state. Justice lost her teddy bear while on a road trip to Idaho recently and was crushed because the toy was a gift from her father who is in the Army and stationed in Korea. When Wadsworth's plight became public, Washington state's Department of Transportation sent two workers out to the area where the bear was believed lost. You have probably figured out by now that we would not be posting this if they had not found the bear, which they did. They drove four hours and returned the bear to a very grateful little girl  who said the bear, "makes me feel like cotton candy and I'm cuddling with my dad". By the way, the bear's name is Daddy Bear. See the return below.